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What Cardigan Every Plus Size Woman Need

Plus Size Cardigan

Hello Curvy Ladies!

Do you like sleeveless dresses? Were there people who discouraged you to wear such? Has anyone ridiculed you upon seeing you wearing one? Are you tired of hearing their criticisms about your big arms? If your answers to these questions is yes, this post is perfect for you! I’m going to share with you my thoughts about cardigans. What kind of cardigan? The cardigan that every plus size woman should have!

Just like you, I’m a plus size woman who likes cute sleeveless dresses. And I’m already tired of hearing these:

  • “You look like a boxer.”
  • “Are you a wrestler?”
  • “Gosh, your fat arms tore the sleeves!”
  • “Hmm,your arms look like thighs.”
  • “Sleeveless? You think you’re petite?”

Most people who said these were just trying to be funny while some were just expressing their honest reactions. Nevertheless, whatever their intentions are, their comments made me conscious about my arms. Probably, most of you experience this too. So, I thought of ways that can help us enjoy what we love and overcome what hurts us.

But the question is:

How can we avoid these criticisms as we keep on wearing sleeveless?

I know, we can’t control what and how people think. And definitely, we should not care too much about their opinions! However, to be honest, I can’t do that. I will always be affected. I will always care about their feedback. Unless, of course, I’ve already done something to help them solve “their” problem. I mean, it’s their problem that they don’t like to see us in sleeveless, right? Haha!

So, here’s what I think will help us – wearing cardigan.

Why Wear a Cardigan?

  • Cardigan covers the arms.
  • It trims the side, minimizing our width.
  • It adds style to the overall look.
  • When your dress is not so attractive, a cardigan can make it look like it is.
  • Instant classy “look.”
  • It lets you move comfortably.
  • If you are conservative but you also like to wear sexy clothes, cardigan is your friend! It won’t show too much skin.

Wait, there’s MORE!

Cardigans can be a friend or an enemy! You can’t expect that ANY cardigan will work. Just like anything else, you need to choose the RIGHT one/s. In my case, I had made a wrong choice years ago, so I was dissatisfied.

Don’t worry, I’ll tell you more about the right cardigan. But before that, I want to share with you my wrong-choice-of-cardigan story:

“Wrong Choice of Cardigan” Story

I had always wanted to wear sexy sleeveless clothes. In college, that’s the only time that I finally had the courage to wear one. I noticed that I looked more feminine in it. And I loved it!

At first, I thought it’s better to take it off because I wasn’t comfortable. And I was also afraid that people would just laugh at me.

But I badly wanted to wear it!

So, I thought of another way. I used cardigans – a thick, bright pink cardigan. When I wore it over my sleeveless, I felt more confident. I mean, I had nothing to lose, right? You know, my cardigan would always manage to cover my skin.

And that’s actually the problem!

I realized that I didn’t really experience what I wanted. It’s like: whenever I wore sleeveless, my reflection would point out that I was actually in long sleeves. My clothes’ cuts and designs seemed to be pointless, because it didn’t serve its purpose.

Another problem was my cardigan’s color. It made me look cheap, and bright pink was difficult to match with most of my clothes.

Indeed, I really made the wrong choice. It was my bad that I judged it according to its beauty when it’s on its own.

That’s the end of my “Wrong Choice of Cardigan” story.

Are you ready to know what the right cardigan is? If yes, read this:

What is the Right Cardigan?

We already know that cardigans are the solution, but our struggles do not end there. As a matter of fact, that’s where another struggle presents itself – how to know if a cardigan is the right one.

Here’s my opinion:

The right cardigan should not be beautiful only when it’s on its own. It should be pretty even when paired with other clothes. And when it comes to transparency, it should not totally cover the goods of your dress. Hence, for me, the right cardigan is “flexible” and “see-through.”

I’ll explain further.

✔️ Flexible

  • Meaning, it can go with any clothes of any colors and design.
  • When your cardigan is “flexible,” you save money. You don’t need to buy more cardigans.
  • In my case, black cardigan is the best. It hides my saddle bags, and it defines my curves. Also, it creates an illusion that I’m slim and taller.
  • Take note: Have a clear vision of your “closet palette.” Think of a color that can be matched with the colors of your clothes.

✔️ See-through

  • It showcases the designs of your dress.
  • It’s transparent but is not too much revealing.
  • Your body can still breathe.
  • Take note: Mesh cardigan is a perfect choice. It has the appeal of lace, and it can display the beauty of your skin.
  • Do not buy a super thin plain see-through cardigan. That would look like a sleepwear.

Let’s have an example:

Plus Size Cardigan

This Black Mesh Plus Size Cardigan is a good example of what I call the right cardigan. This is one of my personal favorites from SimplyDivineCurves Collection. (I’m selling it on Facebook and Instagram, but I’m showing this now as a reference only.)

Black Mesh See-through Cardigan & Black-and-white Striped Sleeveless Dress

This plus size cardigan is both “flexible” and “see-through.”

Plus Size Cardigan and Plus Size Dress | SimplyDivineCurves

It’s “see-through” enough to cover the skin while revealing the clothes’ design. Indeed, the right plus size cardigan!

SimplyDivineCurves | Plus Size Mesh Cardigan

As you can see, this plus size cardigan “minimizes” the width of the body. I guess, the plus size dress with vertical stripes also helped.

    simply-divine-curves-striped-dressSimplyDivineCurves | Striped Dress

In addition, this Black Mesh Plus Size Cardigan can make the overall look more gorgeous and classy. It’s also note-worthy that the mesh design looks good on the skin.


In a nutshell, every Plus Size Woman should have a cardigan which is both “flexible” and “see-through.” Wearing this, you can hush those body-shamers, and you can enjoy your cute sleeveless dress, too!

That’s all I have now!

Thank you for reading!

What Cardigan Every Plus Size Woman Should Have

💋 Divine