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Welcome to Chubby Women’s Ultimate Guide to Plus Size Beauty & Fashion and  Healthy Self-love!

Hello Curvy Ladies!

Just call me Divine. I  am pumped to share this blog to you, especially to plus size women like me who: 

  • live all by themselves (alone)
  • seek to develop healthy self-love
  • are in-love with or at least interested in beauty & fashion 

However, you don’t need to have those 3 characteristics to enjoy here. Actually, as long as you want to learn, this blog is for you! Besides, I also write about life issues I’m dealing with. I guess, you also experience them. And that’s a good thing! You know, so we can relate to each other, right? Hence, you’ll also see posts about solitude, loneliness, relationships & dating, budgeting, and low self-esteem. 

By the way, just a DISCLAIMER: I’m not an expert blogger, psychologist, or fashionista. I am just an ordinary chubby woman who loves writing, learning, and sharing helpful stuff. 

As you can see, I am writing primarily for plus size women. The reason being is because I can only speak for the life I know. Moreover, I want you to know that you are not alone in facing life as a plus size woman. Ultimately, I’m hoping to contribute light in your life as a woman and as a person. 

In a nutshell, I aim to use this blog as a medium to fulfill my advocacy for Plus Size Women. Meaning, I’ll give the love and support that I wish I had given to myself earlier.

Divine Grace Madali at Barbara’s Heritage Restaurant in Intramuros, Manila

Service Through Selling

Even though business was not my thing, I decided to sell plus size clothing. I realized that it can alleviate fashion and shopping struggles for plus size women. 


Although I’m selling brand-new & pre-loved clothes, SimplyDivineCurves doesn’t JUST sell! That’s why I usually call it as the online store that cares. For me,  providing long-term knowledge that’ll help them when shopping or dressing  up is important. Aside from that, I provide reviews and item analysis to make sure that it suits the customers’ body type.

For now, I just feature SimplyDivineCurves Collections to serve as a reference. Don’t worry, I won’t force you to buy! No pressure!

More than anything else, my #1 goal is promoting healthy self-love to plus size women. You and I live the “Plus Size Life,” so your triumph and frustrations are mine too.

Enjoy reading! Thank you for visiting! 

💋 Divine