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I’m happy to share with you some basic “Plus Size” Fashion Tips and self-help posts! Are you excited to find inspirations that’ll make your lifestyle more productive and meaningful? If yes, let’s get started!

With regards to Fashion, I will showcase big size clothes from SimplyDivineCurves – my online shop. Although these items are from SimplyDivineCurves collection, I’m only using it here as a reference. Moreover, for every item, I’ll provide honest reviews and analysis to help you look at the important spots. These, I believe, are helpful to your fashion and shopping struggles. In addition, I decided to cover common myths and theories on Plus Size Fashion. Because these affect our lives as Curvy Women, I decided to cover the common struggles and solutions as well.

As you can see, I’m trying to help you because I also want to promote self-love, acceptance, and empowerment.

By the way, Curvy Ladies, I hope you don’t mind reading posts about Health & Wellness. You might say: But I thought you empower plus size women, Divine? Yup, I do! Honestly, I dedicate this blog to every plus size woman like me. However, opposed to what most people think, my mission is not to encourage weight loss/gain. Instead, my advocacy is to show that Self-love also means showing concern on Fashion, Beauty, and Health & Wellness.

I’m a Plus Size Supporter/Advocate; and I aim to empower, inspire and enlighten Curvy Women. Thus, my mission is to promote unhealthy lifestyle Healthy Self-love.

Do we have the same vision? If you’re like me who values fat curvy women’s well-being inside and out, then you’re at the right place!

Let’s celebrate our simply divine curves! Most importantly, let’s practice Healthy Self-love for our well-being inside and out!

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